Insight Selling –Sales Solutions

A workshop for salespeople who want
to achieve high performance sales

Insight Selling – Sales Solutions: Connecting with Your Customers

One of the most valuable tools in any sales programme is the ability to forge and strengthen customer relationships.

  • Do you care about your customers as people or only as a way to make your sales numbers grow?
  • Can your sales team really connect your vision with customer needs?

Selling to-day demands multiple contacts, impacts shifting sources of power and decision in your customer’s organisation. It requires you to manage a multitude of details thrown at you from every direction. Today’s professionals need strategic and tactical advantages to retain and win valuable customers in a market of high uncertainties and intense competition.

How you will benefit from this workshop


  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Create value for the customer and capture your market share
  • How to create the “act now” sense of urgency for your customer
  • Why product knowledge – although essential – is likely hurting you
  • Learn to qualify customers early in the sales cycle
  • Learn how people make decisions
  • Learn how to manage their decision making process
  • Pain – The key ingredient that drives every sale
  • Learn a totally new and effective interview strategy
  • How to guarantee that you have the decision maker
  • How to manage the multiple decision-making process
  • How to get the missing information you need to
    be effective
  • How to develop and strengthen “competitor-proof” relationships
  • Talk the same language to your customers
  • Build credibility and trust with your customers