Sales Solutions

 Insight Selling 

Online Sales Training – One of the most valuable tools in any sales programme is the ability to forge and strengthen customer relationships. How this to be achieved in 21st Century selling? Can your sales team really connect your vision with customer needs? 

Learn getting an insight into your customer’s business increases sale.
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Key Account Management

A focused approach to key account management dramatically increases both opportunity costs and direct costs of sales and leads to a major increase in the win ratio.

A fundamental part of good key account management is a structured and prioritised qualification and bid process. KAM Course contents

Sales Leadership 

This Sales Leadership online master class focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to transform a sales team into a dynamic, productive force. The Sales Manager’s role is proven successful to the extent by which he or she is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force.

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Telephone Sales 

Telephone sales training online will help develop the telephone selling skills of your telephone sales team, with the purpose of achieving and exceeding targets. Learn how to engage with your customer on the telephone, get past gatekeepers and build instant rapport.

Telephone Sales Course contents

Selling with NLP

Selling with NLP

Take your sales skills to a whole new level with NLP. You will learn to tap into a client’s unconscious thought patterns and discover how to sell the way your customer buys. What if you could climb into customer’s heads and find out what drives them… understand what they like to hear…? 

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Sales Leadership

Lead Generation

The Lead Generation focuses on getting in front of more prospects by teaching the skill of prospecting, creating opportunities and appointment making. Learn to understand the connection between daily activities and the number of sales necessary for a flow of qualified appointments.

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