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Increase Sales Effectiveness

Salesxcellence online sales academy provides bite-size sales training videos.  Based on modular form covering every aspect of the sales process. Online sales training specifically designed for both B2B and B2C companies. Training which will grow your sales effectively.
Sales skills and personal development training solutions enhance the sales effectiveness of your salespeople at every stage of their sales career. Sales techniques and sales skills are essential to achieving successful sales and will result in a breakthrough to growing your company’s sales.

Save on Training Costs

Studies indicate that online sales training has the potential to reduce overall training time by 40% to 60% helping businesses cut down on expenses whilst increasing productivity leading to greater profitability.
People no longer need to leave their place of work for training, avoiding travel, trainer, venue accommodation and material costs. Sales people have access to real-time, reliable, evidence based, practical and useful sales skills and techniques that grow sales.

Produce Outstanding Results

Online sales academy allows sales management to track and monitor the sales team training allowing you to discover who is committed to grow, learn and develop. One of the many benefits sales leaders will see how their team members are scoring on each module, this is a useful tool to discover where coaching will help.
Online Sales Academy is one of the best ways to make sure that sales skills are effective and produce outstanding results, follow through naturally becomes part of sales process. A recent survey found that 80% of classroom based learning is lost after 30 days.

Sales Training Academy Online

Sales Accelerator Training Programme

  • Learn how to Prospect with Social Media
  • How to Warm Up the Cold Call
  • Open More Sales Conversations
  • Develop a relationship that provides stability and growth
  • Learn How to Nurture and Score Leads
  • Capitalise on the Opportunities a Customer Presents
  • Add value to the customers business.
  • Optimise the Profitability of the business in an account
  • Create a Competitive Advantage
  • Address Customers Concerns and Close More Sales

Key Account Management Training Programme

  • A focused approach to key account management
  • Identify who your key accounts are
  • Discover the Attractiveness of Your Key Accounts by size, growth potential, financial stability
  • Learn How to Build a Closer Relationship
    with Your Key Accounts
  • Grow Revenue Levels with Your Key Accounts
  • Create Key Accounts Strategy Plan

Sales Magic with NLP Training Programme

  • Discover how to set goals and achieve them
  • Make sales easy so that it is enjoyable
  • Builds Your Resilience and Stay Positive
  • Develop deep rapport with your prospects
  • Learn Active Listening Skills
  • Discover Power Words
  • Learn the Magic of How to Ask Questions
  • Reframe Objections
  • Influencing Skills
  • Discover How Your Customer Makes Buying Decisions

Sales Leadership Training Programme (Coming Soon)

  • The Sales Management Function
  • Four Pillars of Sales Support
  • Learn to Manage the right things – Time and People
  • A Model of Motivation
  • Setting Standards of Performance
  • The Sales Leader as a Coach
  • Designing a Training Session
  • Forecasting Case Study
  • Setting Sales Targets
  • Increasing Sales Force Efficiency

What Will I Get?


Membership fee includes all training materials plus all courses on this site (all videos and workbooks are included.) Fees also include monthly group coaching session, private Facebook page, plus all future courses as they are added to this site.

Monitoring Performance

The famous management guru, Peter Drucker says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Sales team leaders can track and monitor their sales team progress on all the courses. Monitoring the scores on each module, enables the sales leader to identify areas for training needs and coaching.



Following each module the student is required to take a series of quizzes and assessments ensuring that the information is understood and can apply the sales training in the real world. Assesment of training gives feedback on the value of the training and the effectiveness in achieving business goals. 

Your Sales Trainer

Colly Graham

Brings over forty years of practical experience of selling, with state-of-the-art training Colly keeps abreast of the latest trends in marketing and selling.

With a wide management experience in the training and development of salespeople, he has gained wide experience in building and leading a number of successful sales teams.

As an international trainer Colly has trained sales teams in UK, Ireland, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, USA and Australia.
Colly Graham is recognized as been in the top ten sales trainers in the UK he holds Master Practitioner of NLP Colly trained with Richard Bandler in 1998


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